Solve Incontinence Problems With BTL EMSELLA

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Incontinence has a variety of causes, from childbirth to simple aging. You don't have to put up with the inconvenience or embarrassment anymore. You can reduce your incontinence struggles with a BTL EMSELLA treatment at New Beautiful You in Casper, Wyoming.

BTL EMSELLA is a noninvasive treatment for incontinence. Using electromagnetic currents, the treatment helps strengthen your pelvic muscles to improve control.

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How does the treatment work?

BTL EMSELLA treatments are quick, easy and life-changing. In order to reduce your incontinence struggles, BTL EMSELLA:

  • Uses high-intensity electromagnetic currents
  • Stimulates the muscles in your pelvis to strengthen them
  • Requires six treatments, each 30 minutes, twice per week
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