Tiffany,I'd like you to know how very much I appreciate you. You possess intuition and knowledge beyond your years. I can not begin to impress upon you the value of your service & the compassion you exhibit. Thank you for taking care with my feelings & being so meticulous with your work!


Dr. Coffee, Jory and Staff,

Thank- you so much for caring for me in a much needed path of a new me. Your thoughtfulness has been a blessing to me. Dr. Coffee you are a compassionate, caring Doctor in our community, sometimes hard to find and I am proud to have had a #1 Doctor. Also, I loved your coffee pot. After Jory showed me how to use it. Now I want one, even though I drink coffee seldom. husband does. Maybe santa will bring my husband one, with his lump of coal LOL

I had issues with both the urgency to urinate and also some decrease in control with exercising/coughing/sneezing/etc. After two treatments I could tell a difference in the state of urgency, which is a big relief. As treatments went on, I can feel the muscles strengthening. I haven't had any surprises with coughing/sneezing/exercising either. It's funny to think a chair could help, but I'm happy with the results.

The biggest improvement I experienced with the completion of Emsella is the decreased amounts of time I have to wake up and urinate during the night. 5-10 times per night was normal and now it is down to 1-2 times per night. During the day, I am now able to consistently control urination and have very few accidents as compared to before Emsella. I was able to perform the sessions during my lunch hour so I did not have to take any extra time off to achieve the desired results. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with incontinence. The staff at New Beautiful You are all very helpful and made me feel very comfortable during the entire process.

I am currently visiting New Beautiful You for Emsella and Emsculpt. The staff is very inviting, and this is an all-around enjoyable place to visit! As for treatments, Emsella is for frequent trips to the bathroom, I have my last treatment on Monday. My family and I went to Orlando after I had finished 3 of 6 sessions on the "chair". I already noticed a difference in how comfortable I was out and about, not knowing where the bathroom was. I was also comfortable on the 3 hour and 30 minute plane ride.... Didn't have to get up once to use the cramped, tiny bathroom on the plane! Awesome, I cant say enough great things about this treatment. If you have had a child, or are over 40 this is for you, I love the muscle in my core. I am an avid runner and recently had trouble with my hep flexor muscles atrophying. This treatment is strengthening my hips as well and I have less pain when I run. On Monday I start the derriere Emsculpt, super excited to lift the bum! All in, this is a way to strengthen and tighten those internal muscles that are nearly impossible to exercise . Visit New Beautiful You, your body thank you! -LP